The great pleasure of working with VX Sport GPS technology 

The word Global Positioning System or GPS sounds for many coaches and athletes scary, complex or complicated but this shouldn’t be.
Working with and handling of this kind of high tech can be easy accessible and the results and interventions could be really fruitful. 
VX Sport technology is a perfect partner at the side line of the pitch.
Football training and fitness training will be always a very controversial discussion. Many times I hear that fitness training is closely connected with running training for example box to box runs, 400 m track runs or similar fitness runs.
The question is: “Why is pure running considered as proper fitness training when trying to get players to a higher level of conditioning and greater intensity in playing tempo, and develop in them the necessary fitness and endurance stamina?” 
At first I have to say that I don’t believe in these kind of fitness training for footballers! I believe that the main characteristic of the game is to play / run with the ball, the runs to defend the ball, the runs to get or regain the ball and the runs into space to be in the best position to keep the ball. 
Of course it’s much easier to track 400m or the box to box timing but training with the ball is not complicated to track as well. 
How can VX Sport help to increase players fitness level?
Every position on the field has different objectives. A goalkeepers performance requirements are different to that of a full back and a full back will differ from a central midfielder, etc….. 
Every specific position on the field has specific parameters and of course the style of how the team will play will be another big factor, but all that can be measured, planned and adjusted with the help of the GPS system like VX Sport. 
Let’s create some scenarios:
1) During a typical match the wide midfielders covered a greater distance in high intensity running than central midfielders.

2) The high intensity running distance in the first 15 minutes is greater than the high intensity running distance in the last 15 minutes. 

3) The different recovery time between the high intensity bursts in the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes will be a different and the decline can be measured as well. 

The passing or drill intensity can be measured with a distance measurement together with the players heart rate and the variation in number of accelerations and decelerations. This should form part of your training plan considerations.
All these kind of GPS measurements and results will be useful in the development and prescription of specific training regimes and football specific drills to create a higher fitness level in the team. 
At the same time the results can give insights to create a best practice injury prevention program. 
The different characters in different positions needs different recovery strategies. 

A permanent overlapping fullback needs a different recovery than a central defender. 

All this should be part of a proper planning system. 
To work with VX Sport is a real pleasure and gives us multiple choices to create better performance. 

Team culture and modern technology

Current technology applications for sport is a great asset and partner. The accurate measurement and reporting of metrics provide important reflections about each player in their position of play or within each training season. It is crucial to know the numbers of sprints, accelerations and decelerations, the total distance and the distance in high speed. The technology delivers more than one million data points during a 90 min match or training session. 
One million data points! But what can we do with this enormous amount of information?
We have to find the winning formula for the team, the individual player, the style of play and the planning strategy to underpin these.
The modern game of football has changed dramatically in the last few years. The game has become very fast, the total distance covered has increased, the total number of fast actions has increased as has the „high speed“ distance increased. 
A player delivers between 1000 to 1400 short term actions! The sprint distance and the numbers of sprints has increased in the last 10 years in a competitive match and these are two of the most important factors to create a goal or to prevent a goal. 
In the current football environment, we need speed, we need the ability to change direction, we need high speed in different areas and at different phases of the match. The last 15-20 minutes are crucial in determining the outcome of a match for a team. The team with the higher „speed ability“ has a high chance to win the game. 
All these are measurable data points with the modern GPS technology available. The head coach and his back room team are able to structure and plan the perfect training session according to their needs! It is important to deliver, structure and present complex data in a simple way to create an environment for fast, informed decisions making to facilitate purposeful training and competition. 
A good coaching team will create success through the sharing, anlaysing, fine tuning and implementation of different training methods and ideas! 
It is a great pleasure to work with this kind of technology and make the work of a coach so enjoyable and gratifying.


Hougang United FC Head coach Philippe Aw and Sport Performance Coach Dirk Schauenberg conducted 2 training sessions at Raffles Institution today as part of their annual Youth Sport Science Symposium.
The topic of the sessions were visual training and perception in team sport. With a short theoretical instruction about vision training, followed by practical training with exercises for awareness, focus, attention and the application in football the students took home many new information.

Vision training can help for team sport, learning in school and daily activities, that’s probably one main thing to take away from this Symposium.

We would like to thank Raffles Institution for inviting us and to be part of the Symposium this year again.

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Mobility – a relevant factor for performance

In addition to a healthy general mobility, many sports require a specific regional mobility. For exercise and workout planning, two factors are of particular relevance:
– The consideration of specific mobility requirements within certain sports

– The identification and consideration of possible imbalances due to lopsided movement habits.

By documenting and regarding these aspects, you will be able to optimize your athletes‘ individual workout – permanent tracking and measuring makes it possible. 


Open mind-New ideas 

If you only train the same way that everyone else is training, you can only play and perform like everyone else.
Try new ways and be always open for new information. #hougangunitedfc #training #creativity #vxsport

Preparation support in preseason with VX Sport

There are many processes during preseason to be controlled, adjusted and measured. Measurements are crucial processes to lead a team to their peak physical condition. It is important for the whole season ahead. The insights gained provide parameters within which we will develop the team conditioning and also provides a thorough understanding of each player’s individual performance parameters, parameters within the various position of play, fitness and physiological capability, so coaches can make informed decisions.
VX Sport provides that platform to analyse and thus to build a strong team. Young players can get the best guidance for a good and injury minimised development program, older players will be protected from overuse and overload. 

The portable nature of this system and ease of application is a huge advantage in training, friendly matches or in a competitive match. 

With the VX Live technology the coaches get all important information to make decisions during a training or match as it happens.

In the modern coaching environment it is so important to understand what’s happening via by real, factual data. Implementing modern technology is an inevitable part of this development.


Dirk Schauenberg auf Channel 5 Singapore

Ein kurzer Bericht über GPS Tracking und andere sportwissenschaftliche Methoden, die das Leben von Profisportlern erleichtern und ihnen die richtige Hilfestellung im Training geben. Zusammen mit Paul Foster zeigt Dirk Schauenberg wie das VX Sport GPS Trainingssystem arbeitet und wie man es im Training einsetzt. 

Viel Spaß bei der Sendung „On The Red Dot“