Lecture at Institute of Technical Education College West

A big thank you goes to Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West in Singapore today for inviting us for a talk and discussion with their Sport Management students.
ITE CW lecturer Mr. Mohidin Shaniz prepared the best conditions we can imagine to talk about Application of Sports Science with the young students.

We – Dirk Schauenberg, Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg (Hougang Football Club) and Kevin Grafen (Sport Scientist Kensho Germany) – loved to introduce these young people to practical applications of Sports Science in Football, Fitness, Kids Training, Mental Training, Performance Testing and consultation with professional as well as social athletes. We believe that having a vision during studying and sometimes hard times of exams is helping to stay on track and to continue working towards a goal to share passion of sport with other people. It always a great pleasure to share, discuss or mentor young people who love to work in this beautiful industry.

Thank you for this great experience to ITE College West !

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