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Preparation support in preseason with VX Sport

There are many processes during preseason to be controlled, adjusted and measured. Measurements are crucial processes to lead a team to their peak physical condition. It is important for the whole season ahead. The insights gained provide parameters within which we will develop the team conditioning and also provides a thorough understanding of each player’s individual performance parameters, parameters within the various position of play, fitness and physiological capability, so coaches can make informed decisions.

VX Sport provides that platform to analyse and thus to build a strong team. Young players can get the best guidance for a good and injury minimised development program, older players will be protected from overuse and overload.

The portable nature of this system and ease of application is a huge advantage in training, friendly matches or in a competitive match.

With the VX Live technology the coaches get all important information to make decisions during a training or match as it happens.

In the modern coaching environment it is so important to understand what’s happening via by real, factual data. Implementing modern technology is an inevitable part of this development.

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